C H E L S E A  G I L L

Hi! I’m Chelsea, and I am a 9th generation psychic medium. I despise those two words as it doesn’t correctly describe what I do, as I do so much more than that. I run a corporation called Anointed through Grace, where I specialize in guidance, promoting healing, and bringing happiness and peace back into lives. I educate people on how to take care of themselves holistically, and to love themselves through their journey. I’m a very strong Christian, and preach his word everyday and encompass it into my work. I’m also a afterlife researcher and study what happens to us when we pass, and everything in between. I may also be obsessed with cryptids. . I’ve filmed for many shows, and loved every minute of it. I volunteer for two non profits which are near and dear to my heart - Kaely's Kindness Foundation and Wings Flights of Hope

. I hope one day we cross paths, if we haven’t! I would love to connect.

Telephone: 716-253-1229

Monday thru Friday 9:00-6:00 et